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Doing a lot of kayaking again, Yay!

  My bad leg has been giving me a lot of issues again so I haven't been able to do much biking, but I am able to kayak so have been doing a lot of paddling.   I've been posting on my FaceBook page when I'm going out so that people can join for an [...]

By | March 20th, 2015|Florida Outdoor Adventures|0 Comments

My transportation issue is solved

  As much as I wanted to buy a Jeep Wrangler Sahara to replace my aging Corvette I decided that car payments were not in the budget so instead I fixed up the Vette and Friday I'm having a hitch put on it.   I also bought the Prorack 2-Bike Hitch Platform so that I [...]

By | January 21st, 2015|Florida Outdoor Adventures|0 Comments

I really need to fix my transportation issue

  Since my partner and I went our separate ways I've been having to depend on others to transport my kayak and bicycle. The thing is I own a beautiful kayak trailer, but my car doesn't have a hitch.   I've been looking at a Jeep Wrangler Sahara to replace my aging Corvette.   The [...]

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Figures… weather gets nice and I catch a cold

  It finally stopped raining a few days ago after days and days of non stop storms. The last few days the sun has been out, but I've been in bed sick with a rather nasty head cold.   Today I'm finally feeling better and went for a short bike ride to pickup a spare [...]

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Paddlebord is awesome for beach snokeling

  I've discovered that I don't care that much for standup paddleboarding, but it is fantastic to snorkel from.   Been taking my board out to the local reefs that run just offshore along the coast. It's so much easier to get on and off in deep water than a kayak. Also much less equipment [...]

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