My bad leg has been giving me a lot of issues again so I haven’t been able to do much biking, but I am able to kayak so have been doing a lot of paddling.


I’ve been posting on my FaceBook page when I’m going out so that people can join for an informal group paddle. So for it’s been mostly newbies that don’t own their own kayak so I’ve been meeting up with people at places that have rentals.


I’ve also been going out with Meetup groups that are experienced paddlers. Did a lovely 11 mile night paddle last Wednesday.


My plan to get more people involved in kayaking by posting about the trips on my Facebook page, also talking about kayaking with anyone that will listen when I’m out and about, seems to be working. Just yesterday one of my friends bought a really nice kayak and we are going out Monday for his first paddle in it.


Always looking for more people to paddle with so if you are interesting post on my FaceBook page or send me an email.