It finally stopped raining a few days ago after days and days of non stop storms. The last few days the sun has been out, but I’ve been in bed sick with a rather nasty head cold.


Today I’m finally feeling better and went for a short bike ride to pickup a spare tube for my bike. It felt wonderful to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.


Not missing out on snorkeling though as the ocean is rough and full of jellyfish. I check the Dania Beach Cams every morning. I have been known to cancel work and get out on the water, or should I say under the water, on days that the ocean is totally flat.


It’s too bad that tomorrow is back to work Monday. Hopefully, the weather will be nice next weekend with calm seas.


On a side note… Since I had nothing better to do while sick I did a few things to speed up this blog. I gave it its own dedicated database plus a few other things, so at least I wasn’t a total blob whilst sick.