I’ve discovered that I don’t care that much for standup paddleboarding, but it is fantastic to snorkel from.


Been taking my board out to the local reefs that run just offshore along the coast. It’s so much easier to get on and off in deep water than a kayak. Also much less equipment than a kayak to drag back and forth to the water, plus a lot less to wash at the end of the day.


Also, finally have gone kayaking now that my ex(?) and I are working things out. Not sure if we will end up back together or not but at least we are finally doing stuff together again which is great since the kayak trailer hitch is on her car.


Are weather has not been great this summer. Very, very hot with the most rain storms that I’ve ever seen since living in south Florida.


Hopefully things will keep on improving. Being optimistic that this fall I’ll be able to get a lot more outdoor adventures in.