I have a kayak, kayaking trailer and everything needed to go kayaking except a way to actually get everything to the water.


My partner and I broke up some weeks ago which has left me with no way of getting my kayak from the house to the water since the hitch for the kayaking trailer is on her car and a hitch can not be installed on my car or roof racks installed on my car, it’s a Corvette.


Been looking at inflatable stand up paddle boards for sometime now as I thought one would be a great way to get out to the reefs without having to lug around a bunch of gear. Thinking of buying this one, 10’6″ Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board(6″ Thick, 30″ Wide, 15psi Max) – Touring Model – Free Bravo 2-piece Adjustable SUP Paddle and SUP Inflation Pump Included.


Hopefully at some point my partner and I can reconcile as I very much miss going on out adventures with her, but in the meantime I just want to find a way of getting back out on the water.