With the cooler weather that winter brings to South Florida we find ourselves bike riding a lot more. Unfortunately this also means that it is getting dark at 5:30 in the afternoon. Our bikes’ headlights had seen their better days and were never really bright enough so we went over to our local bike shop to shop for new headlights for our bikes.
Being on a tight budget this year, we were looking for something not too expensive but still bright enough to be able to avoid hazards. The shop had everything from headlights costing over a hundred dollars to headlights costing under ten dollars.
They were nice enough to let us go into a darkened room to see how well each one worked. The ones over a hundred dollars worked really well but were not within our budget, at least not in this economy.
The ones under ten dollars were pretty much only good for being seen but not seeing what lay ahead.
We finally started comparing lights in the twenty to fifty dollar range. The one thing that we noticed that while some were really bright the angle of light was very narrow and only lit up a very small area.
After what seemed like forever we finally settled on the Niterider Mako 3.0 Headlight. We bought the light from the bike shop but Amazon sells it for five dollars less than we paid.
We got to try them out this weekend on the Night Bike Ride Through The Holiday Fantasy Of Lights and were very pleased with them. The thing we liked the most about them was not only is thing headlight very bright but its angle of illumination is very wide.