Between a usual wet and windy winter this year and ongoing issues with my injured leg I haven’t been able to do nearly enough outdoor activities.


This isn’t to say we haven’t been doing anything at all, but nothing worth blogging about. For the last few months I have only been using our tandem kayak with Christy. As this involves much less equipment to lug around and wash I don’t need to do as much painful walking.


Over the last few months I’ve paddled the Wilton Manors loop a few times and Oleta River State Park a few times. I’ve been trying to build my leg back up by biking and walking as much as possible. Leg is improving, but very slowly.


One of the more enjoyable activities has been being the group leaders of a Meetup group of kayak beginners. The paddles have been fun but the locations had been places that we have paddled many times already, so not worthy of blogging about.


Last weekend we were supposed to bike Shark Valley. We canceled at the last minute due to uncertain weather conditions. Actually I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to bike that many miles. Our plan was to bring a long rope and if peddling became too painful Christy was going to tow me part of the way. We tried the tow line in our neighborhood and it actually worked surprisingly well.


Next weekend, finally, we are planning to paddle at a new location. This all be my first solo paddle since my leg messed up again. Really looking forward to this. I just hope the weather stays nice.


Today we did a two mile walk through Fern Forest with a Meetup group. I couldn’t keep up with the group but serendipitously  we ended up meeting an interesting man that was a wealth of knowledge and vey investing to chat with. He is going through cancer testament and like me is trying to get his health back by enjoying the outdoors.


I brought my SLR camera to Fern Forest hoping to get some bird pictures. Was a bit disappointed by the lack of birds on this day, but did get some wonderful butterfly photos.

Butterfly At Fern Forest

Butterfly At Fern Forest

Enough rambling for now. Hopefully next weekend’s kayaking adventure will be worthy of blogging about and the beginning fully enjoying this warm winter that we are having.