I’ve lived in Florida for most of my life and don’t ever remember a year that it has rained this much.
Normally summer is when we do most of our snorkeling as the ocean tends to be the calmest in the summer. This year we have had about the average amount of calm ocean days but many of them have been non stop rain days.
Snorkeling in the rain is not a problem but these have been accompanied by lightning which makes being out on the water too dangerous.
The other problem is lack of clarity of the water. Due to all the storm runoff the water is full of silt plus algal blooms which makes visibility terrible. Plus if the storm runoff was bad enough they have had to open the flood gates on Lake Okeechobee letting the fresh water flow into the ocean. This has been killing fish and causing other environmental problems.
Now the Moon Jellyfish are back. We have full rash guards so swimming with them isn’t that much of a problem but water conditions on most days have been far from ideal.
At least there has been enough breaks in the weather to get some kayaking in.