Gone Kayaking is offering surf kayaking in both sit-on and sit-in kayaks.
Three weeks ago they had a demo day that we went too. The ocean was pretty much flat with just a few small waves but we went anyway. Christy tried out a few of their kayaks and enjoyed it enough that she wants to try it again but on a day that has decent waves. I sat on the shore and watched, taking some pictures. I would have tried it too but didn’t want to get wet as it didn’t seem worth the effort since there wasn’t a decent surf. I figured I would try it on a day with decent waves. Now I’m regretting not trying it though.
Last Sunday we had planned on trying surf kayaking again, but the Gone Kayaking crew was out of town. Hoping to try for this Sunday since that is the only day we both have off but now the weather is looking to be cold and nasty so we may have to wait another week.