Been wanting to explore Stiltsville for a long time. Seems like every time I make plans to get out there something happens. Tried to go last year but the weather turned nasty when we got hit by a tropical storm so had to cancel the paddle. Then tried again a short time later but had some medical issues come up and then after that the ocean stayed rough for the entire winter.
The thing is if we get hit by another strong hurricane Stiltsville may be gone forever so I feel a sense of urgency in seeing this bit of Florida history.
Weather permitting we are planing on launching from Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and paddling out to Stiltsville.
We are going with Kayaking Erica who has paddled out to Stiltsville before. It will be nice having a guide who knows the best place to launch from and the way there.
I’ve heard that there is some decent snorkeling in Biscayne Bay so we are bringing our snorkel gear.
Should be a great adventure… providing we have good weather this weekend.