I know better than to wear flip flops biking but it has been years since I’ve wrecked on my bike. My luck finally ran out on this month’s Critical Mass Bike Ride. Just really glad that I had a helmet on as I felt my head hit the payment.
Toenail ripped off


Big toe got smashed into the payment and ripped its nail off. Twisted two fingers on my right hand. Left knee is all scraped up. Both elbows are scraped. Both thighs have bruises from the bike frame. I just got back on my bike and rode the rest of the ride saying fuck it to the pain.


Will be always wearing sneakers on future bike rides… just as soon as my toe heals enough to be able to wear sneakers again.


I’m still going for quick afternoon bike rides almost every day and oddly I have no choice, but to wear flip flops as my big toe doesn’t have a nail so I’ve been wrapping it twice a day along with soaking it in the evening.


In other news..


I bought the Vktech Bike Relaxation Handlebar a few days ago. Build quality seems very good. I’ve always wanted a handlebar like this but was put off at the prices bike shops charge.


I’ve always had an issue with my hands hurting and join numb on a longer ride. Now I can relax while at the same time being more aerodynamic.