We are dying to get out on the water and do some snorkeling or something, anything, but so far this is one of the wettest, windiest and hottest summers that I can remember.


This weekend we thought that maybe conditions would be favorable since things looked pretty good on Friday so we packed up all our gear in hopes of kayaking out to the reefs and doing some snorkeling over the weekend. Naturally the seas were rough all weekend and we had storms from hell.


For lack of anything better to do we went to an RV show on Saturday and got trapped in an old RV for about an hour hiding from the storm.


This morning we got up at 5 AM and went to the top of the 17th Street causeway drawbridge along with about 50 other people and watched them blowup the old power plant. The whole thing was over in less than a minute but now I can say that I’ve watched something being blown up in person.


Video that Christy and I shot of the event.

Going to be really odd not having the smokestacks anymore. When boating they were the landmark that you aimed for in order to get into the port. Even when driving or kayaking in the mangroves they were the landmark that everyone used.


Going to try to once again get out on the water this weekend but the weather report is calling for nasty thunder storms all week and into the weekend.